Barcelona Campus

Drug Discovery Barcelona Campus

As the first campus, the drug discovery focused Barcelona Campus is based in one of the leading institutions in Southern Europe and just minutes away of the heart of the magnificent city centre. At be Barcelona Scientific Park, we develop our executive programmes with a mix and interaction between research centres, biotechnology-based companies and the pharmaceutical industry.
The classes, seminars, meetings and work development projects are held in a fully equipped environment, where not only will you develop your professional skills but you will also have interactions with others professionals from the same field.
Having the densest pharma ecosystem of Europe, the biggest biotech industry in Spain and a high technological and fast-growing drug development and medical devices sector, Barcelona offers the most complete biotechnology business ecosystem in Southern Europe.

Masters of Business Administration

The MBA programmes are design for professionals and students who want to acquire a practical healthcare knowledge for their career, based on real drug candidates, and to expand their international network in the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector.

Executive Programmes

The Executive Programmes are design for professionals willing to acquire a specific understanding in key subsector processes in the healthcare industry and to develop international knowledge to increase their professional network.

MBA in Biotechnology

  • add_circle_outline1st Semester Common module

    4 months

    • • Common Module. Training for all specialisations.

    • • The first module is design for our students to acquire an executive understanding of the main stakeholders and transactions deals involved in innovation and new drug discoveries.

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Itinerary

    5 months

    • • Specialisation Module. MBA’s itineraries.

    • • The different mentions are thought to have a practical approach to key business activities and main professional roles in the biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry

  • add_circle_outlineCarrer Impact Program

    1 year

    • • Professional development

  • add_circle_outlineSc.MBA's Thesis Project

    1 year

    • • Study Case of a real IP candidate. Drug Discovery Plan

    • • The final thesis assignment will be a presentation of a drug discovery plan that comes from real IP candidates and will be develop in groups through the different mentions.

Executive Programmes

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Specialisation

    5 Months

    • • Four modules based on global industry departments

    • • This module is design for our students to acquire an executive and practical knowledge from the main stakeholders and to understand processes and roles involved in the global industry

  • add_circle_outlinePostgraduate Thesis Project

    5 Months

    • • Study Case real IP candidate

    • • During the programs the students will develop a practical assignment defined into a global drug discovery plan

International Management Approach - Our Students Profile

Our Masters programmes are designed for young scientific candiates, MSc and PhD students, that like science but want to develop their career outside of the laboratory, in management positions, in biotechnology based companies, the pharmaceutical industry or government institutions, such as technology transfer offices.

Our programmes are a full-time programme compatible with ongoing jobs positions and career development pathways, with classes from Monday to Thursday at the PCB campus. The assignments develop during the year are based in real IP projects from our agreement with three of the main technology transfer offices in Barcelona


These are some of the companies where our students either started their career in internships or junior positions, or due to our programmes, they got promoted to a new position to continue developing their professional path in the biotechnology sector or the pharmaceutical industry or other Life-Sciences-related companies.



Biotechnology Business Institute - Barcelona Scientific Park,

Baldiri Reixac, St. 4-8, 08028, Barcelona, Spain -

contact email: - Tel. +34 935 182 162


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