Working towards Education Excellence

Management Board

Our management board has over twenty years of experience in Life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceuticals maintaining our campuses as a unique centre of excellence in the development of global leaders for the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector.

The main objectives of our campuses are accomplished every academic year with the educational development of international scientific managers across the overall Life Sciences sector.

We work towards the development of executives connecting Europe and the United States and Latin American amongst others major innovation hubs and we are an international centre of reference in management for English and Spanish speaking professionals in our field.

The management boards oversees strategic planning and the maintenance of the high standards required by the business school. Further boards are appointed by the business school, involving representatives and external experts, who help with more specific issues related to the executive education and academic plans.   


Our Institutional Values

We are driven by continuous improvement in our management programs and focus on our students’ management skills. Our community is based in international knowledge and is committed to deliver the best talent to global companies.

The Worldwide Business School for Life Sciences