27 March, 2023

The UANL - FACPYA inaugurates the new International Doctorate Programme in collaboration with the BBI in Monterrey, Mexico

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21 March, 2023

First MBA in life sciences in Europe based at The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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10 February, 2023

The BBI has entered into a Strategic Partnership as Innovation Advisors to the Anglo Nordic Life Sciences Conference

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09 December, 2022

Cambridge Independent. The First MBA in life sciences in Europe as Biotechnology Business Institute initiates new chapter

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07 December, 2022

Business Weekly - A worldwide window to Cambridge business innovation and technology. Life Science MBA enhances Cambridge’s global cloud

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30 November, 2022

The BBI promotes New Pathways Across Mexico in 2022 Strengthening Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Interests, CDMX, Mexico

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24 November, 2022

The UANL CIETT and The BBI sign an Institutional agreement to promotes innovation and technology transfer in Monterrey, Mexico

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01 November, 2021

The BBI participates in the first ‘influencer’ biotech bootcamp hosted by o2h at Hauxton Mill, Scitech Park, Cambridge, UK.

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28 October, 2021

The BBI Cambridge and the Vernize Academy sign a partnership agreement to co-promote executive education, professional talent development an...

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2024. International EMBA Graduation

2024. Fundraising Gala Dinner at the UK British Ambassador’s Residence

2024. AstraZeneca, Cambridge& and the Biotechnology Business Institute join forces for the International EMBA thesis Presentation

2024. Anglonordic Life Sciences Conference

2023. International Business Doctorate Presentation, UANL - FACPYA, Monterrey, Mexico

2023. BBI Cambridge celebrates the first graduation with honorary students from the International Executive MBA in Life Sciences, London, United Kingdom

2023. BBI - CIETT, UANL Institutional Agreement for fostering Technology Transfer, Monterrey, Mexico

2023. 19th Anglonordic Life Sciences Conference, County Hall, London, United Kingdom.

2022. Startup Europe Week, Sofia, Bulgaria

2022. Spanish Embassy Annual Celebration on the 12th of October, CDMX, Mexico

2022. Guadalajara University - BBI Symposium in innovation, from research to the patient

2022. Anglonordic Life Sciences Conference, London, United Kingdom.

2018, TTS Global Initiative Latin America, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2017, TechSummit, Bratislava, Slovakia

2017 Spanish Embassy in London UK

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