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For more than a decade, since the beginnings of the biotechnology sector in Europe and its rapid growth, the BBI has been at the vanguard to global business education in sciences. The increasing biotechnology-based company creation, the growth in the number of venture capital specialised in life sciences and the focus of the industry to acquire new innovation to increase and specialise their portfolios, have been key factors for an excellent global management perspective. The increasing demand from the leading global companies for profiles with a strong scientific base but also able to understand business has made the BBI a centre of reference for the public and private sector.

Our career impact programme has to main objectives for a professional and personal development. Once you have had the first chat with your mentor you will decided where to focus on your development nationally or internationally. We invest in a long-life career development at each stage of you career. Balancing professional objectives and personal perspectives has helped our students to understand the global business organisations we work in and to find their best fit.

For more information about your career assessment possibilities contact to our international experts and mentors at chris.howie@bbicamrbidge.com and juan.garcia@bbicambridge.com

95% of our students achieve their professional goals after the first year of the BBI's Experience


Career Development

We help accelerate career development into higher management positions in the biopharmaceutical industry and across the wider Life Sciences sector. We offer professional and practical development programmes based on the most relevant areas of effective management practice across the rapidly growing and evolving Life Sciences’ industrial sector.

These are some of the companies where our students either started their carreer or, due to our programs, they change to a different one to continue developing their professional path in the biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry.


Here are some of the most frequent questions from our candidates

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