A unique charity event in Barcelona for our fifth anniversary


Under the magnificent sunset over the bay city of Barcelona national and international professional, students, family and friends, dedicate one evening to those who need our helps.

The Summer Charity Cocktail is a non-profit event to help companies that are researching in pediatric oncology but not only that, is the time of the year where we celebrate our commitment with the healthcare sector and we sum a bit of our time to dedicate and improves other people needs.

This international event follows just one objectives, to celebrate that every day we are giving our efforts, out commitments and our knowledge to treat new diseases, to cure people and to find new drugs to improves people’s life.


Boston Immersion is a program aimed at mission-driven projects or startups with excellent products or promising proofs of concepts from all the world. The program consists of a 3-week bootcamp.

Participants have the opportunity to connect with the world's leading ecosystem in Life Sciences (Medtech, Biotech, Digital Health, etc) and Cleantech, initiating relationships with industry experts, investors, potential clients, hospitals, incubators/accelerators and research or technological centers, among others.

They receive strategic mentoring to rethink and adapt their strategy to reach the market and grow globally. They define fundraising, sales and product development strategies and obtain connections with stakeholders and Key Opinion Leaders who eventually may partner with participants to help them implement their strategies.

Childhood Innovation Cancer Award


The Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organisation based in the US and Europe (Spain), with partnerships around the world. Its mission is to tackle childhood cancer on all fronts and to give children and their families the best prognosis and quality of life.

Richi Entrepreneurs (RE) is a Richi Foundation’s initiative whose mission is to boost startups from all over the world that have the potential to generate a substantial positive impact on society, by connecting them with Boston’s innovation key players (industry experts, hospitals, accelerators, investors, or academia) and helping them make the most out of this unique innovation ecosystem.


2018 Summer Charity Cocktail

During the night of the 29th of June, and within the fifth anniversary of the Biotechnology Business Institute, in an incomparable landscape the winners of the Childhood Innovation Cancer Award were announced.