Herman Soto

Herman Soto

Sr. HealthEconomics Evaluation at HS Pharmacoeconomics Studies, Mexico City

Herman has a bachelor’s in economy by the University of Costa Rica and He also holds a master’s degree in Health Economics from the Center for Academic Research and Teaching A.C. He has an extensive professional experience in the Health Sector of Costa Rica and Mexico and he worked as a health researcher at the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and evaluator of social projects in a project of the Inter-American Development Bank in Costa Rica.

In Mexico, he was the founder of the Health Economics Unit of the IMSS during the elaboration of health technology evaluation studies and Pharmacoeconomics work for the pharmaceutical industry, and also has experience as a consultant in FUNSALUD for than three years. In addition, he has experience as Pharmacoeconomics Manager at AstraZeneca and Janssen Cilag where he initiated and developed, in both companies, the Pharmacoeconomics Department. From 2011 to 2014 he was president of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics Research (ISPOR), Mexico chapter. 

He is the CEO and founder of HS Estudios Farmacoeconómicos since 2012, which provides services for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, design, and development of economic studies (cost-effectiveness or cost-utility studies), preparation of dossiers, designs of expert panels for pharmaceutical companies in Mexico and Central America, among others. He has supported more than 165 successful inclusion processes in the General Health Council of Mexico and in the different public health institutions (IMSS, ISSSTE, PEMEX, SEDENA, SEMAR and other decentralized) and private ones.

He has also participated as a speaker on Pharmacoeconomics topics in different national universities such as UNAM, UAM, IPN and regional universities such as UAEM and UACJ. He has presented more than 100 pharmacoeconomic posters at international conferences, supported the preparation of technical reports, as well as given more than 40 training courses to decision makers of Health Institutions in Mexico (IMSS, ISSSTE, SEDENA, SEMAR, SEGURO POPULAR (today INSABI). In the last five years, he has directed master's thesis and published more than 25 scientific articles and 5 health technology assessment reports for Latin America.

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