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ePostgraduate Specializations

ePostgraduate's Objective

These online postgraduate specializations are programs design for professionals and students around the world willing to acquiree a specific understanding in key departmental processes in the healthcare industry, and to develop international knowledge to increase their professional network

Methodology and Educational Model

The online postgraduate specializations are a part-time program based in modules of one-month duration, with Monday’s theoretical classes and Thursday’s practical resolutions conferences, of four-months duration at our eBBI Campus. The overall projects and assignments develop during the year are based in real drug candidates from our agreement with three of the main technology transfers offices in Barcelona

Programme Structure

Second Semester

Postgraduate Specializations
  • Four modules based on global industry departments
  • This module is design for our students to acquire an executive and practical knowledge from the main stakeholders and to understand processes and roles involved in the global industry

4 months

Final Assignment

Thesis Project
  • Study Case real IP candidate
  • During the programs the students will develop a practical assignment defined into a global drug discovery plan

1 month

Our Students Profile

Our postgraduate programs are focus on scientific profiles with a minimum of two-year experience in the industry - less experience will be evaluated by the board - that want to specialize their profile with international knowledge

Venture Capital

Be part of the the biotechnological and pharmaceutical community
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Portfolio Management

Specialize and progress in your career while you increase your network
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Pharmaceutical Industry

Get in touch with our global commute and join from any part of the world
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New Drug Approvals - HEOR

Get in touch with our global commute and join from any part of the world
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Scientific Management
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