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October 2020




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The objective of the master program is to understand the processes, deals and transactions involved from the scouting of early and late stage compounds to the licensing agreement and the preparation of the new global brand plan

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The main roles and companies related with these areas of knowledge’s are those such as, licensing manager, business development, market intelligence or marketing manager among other corporate positions at biotechnology-based companies or the pharmaceutical industry

Programme Structure

1st Module

Management in Drug Discovery
  • Early stage innovation & Biotechnology Based Companies
  • Venture Capital and Licensing Agreements
  • Global Market Access and Health Economics
  • Project Management in Lifesciences

2 months

2nd Module

Scientific and Regulatory Development
  • Target Product Profile (TPP)
  • Regulatory Affairs for FDA/EMA Approval
  • Preclinical & Clinical developments for new chemical entities
  • Preclinical and Clinical developments for new biological entities

2 months

3rd Module

Biotechnology Based Talent
  • Portfolios Projects and Business Strategy
  • Market Intelligence Life Product Cycle
  • Licensing Deals Structure & Industry Agreements
  • Scouting and valuation of Early & Late compounds

2 months

4th Module

Global Marketing
  • Global & Local Brand plan Design
  • Launch Strategies & Product Profile
  • Global Commercial Training (Marketing & Medical)
  • Leading a global team - Departments

2 months

5th Module

Sc.MBA Thesis Project
  • Acquisition and Brand Plan
  • As a part of the global drug discovery plan the students will develop the global brand plan including the in-licensing portfolio decision and value

1 month

"The Institute has a strong international attitude. That is why we encourage our students to take part in events related with the sector in order to build up their network from the very start of their careers. "

Pablo Viguera - Medical Lead Diabetes AstraZeneca Spain & BBI Board of Directors

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