eMBA in Life Sciences

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Cambridge Co-ordination


10 Months. Part Time


October 2021




23-24 years old


None to 2 years


> 60 Visiting Lecturers


Life Sciences


4.900 £

International eMBA Objectives

The International eMBA in Lifesciences is a one-year masters programme designed for scientists who want to develop their careers in applied research and continue their professional development in the biopharma industry and the wider life sciences sector.


Our programmes are oriented towards developing the careers of committed individuals with a BSc, MSc, PhD or equivalent qualification and a background in Life Sciences.
Being passionate about the underpinning science and with a clear motivation towards the commercial biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry is a part to the selection criteria for admission to the degree course.

Programme Syllabus

  • add_circle_outline1st Term. Module I - The Life Sciences Commercial Ecosystem

    10 ECTS credits

    • • The objective of this module is to work through the main theories and principles of commercial ecosystem required to develop as a business leader, understanding how the science and technologies can be applied in practice to a range of business contexts

  • add_circle_outline1st Term. Module II - Scientific & Regulatory Development

    10 ECTS credits

    • • The goal of any regulatory and scientific frameworks are essential for ensuring compliance with basic standards, but in some instances, the impact of regulatory as well as legal and ethical issues can be significant.

  • add_circle_outline1st Term. Module III - Management in Research & Development

    10 ECTS credits

    • • Within this module, students will explore the fields of management and strategy that are required to contribute to an organisation’s performance in the Life Sciences sector.

  • add_circle_outline2nd Term. Module IV - International Business Administration

    10 ECTS credits

    • • The primary objective of this module is to provide a conceptual and analytical framework in the main areas of work and topics related with corporate management, entrepreneurship and innovation, financial valuations in biotech markets.

  • add_circle_outline2nd Term. Module V - Business Development & Portfolio Management

    10 ECTS credits

    • • The objective of the module is to understand the process where the industry scouts for new compounds and technologies from biotech companies or other early sources of innovation.

  • add_circle_outline2nd Term. Module VI - Global Project Management

    10 ECTS credits

    • • The objective of the module is to acquire a deep understanding in key aspects and processes involving the organisational management, from the industry point of view, of a new drug approval (NDA).

  • add_circle_outline3rd Term. Module VII - Global Marketing & Medical Departments

    10 ECTS credits

    • • This work will challenge students to examine marketing problems that have faced brands and pharmaceutical companies to critically analyse their approach and suggest new alternatives.

  • add_circle_outline3rd Term. Module VIII - Market Access & Health-Economics

    10 ECTS credits

    • • The objective of the module is to acquire a deep understanding in global strategy for innovation drug approvals and the launch sequence towards the best scenario for the patients and healthcare systems.

  • add_circle_outline3rd Term. Module IX - Converting Theory into Practice

    15 ECTS credits

    • • Development of the final assignment project is typically though an agreement with an early-stage research project being developed in a partner company or institution, but students are encouraged to some with their own ideas as well.


Our eCampus combines the main principal tools to develop the lessons, projects, and to keep contact with the board of professors and the rest of the students live worldwide.

• Personal File Management Tool with colleagues and professors

• Track your progression, Qualifications and check your Personal Reviews.

• InMail - and other Notifications related with the programs

• Connect to your Calendar -Connect with your daily basis and keep track on communications, evaluations, events, seminars

• Library - access to reports books, presentations and more material to expand your resources


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