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23-24 years old


10 Months. Full Time


October 2021




None to 2 years


94% of the students within the year


> 15 Nationalities

Corporate finance applied to new drug discoveries

The objective of the program is to acquire a deep understanding in key aspects of processes involved in the set-up of biotechnology-based companies, fundraising private equity to develop the drug candidate, and the relationships between global departments of the pharmaceutical industry in order to develop later stages of clinical trials.

Develop your career on business management in biotechnology

The main roles and companies related with these areas of knowledge’s are those such as, investment analyst, innovation science liaison, project leader, business development, financial consultant among other corporate positions at biotechnology-based companies or the pharmaceutical industry and other companies related to healthcare. 


Programme Syllabus

  • add_circle_outline1st Semester Module I - Management in Biotechnology

    10 ECTS credits

    • • Early-stage innovation & Licensing Agreements. During this first course you will acquire the bases of innovation and technology transfer processes, as well as understanding the type of licensing agreements and the strategic approach.

    • • Venture Capital and Biotechnology Based Companies. This part of the course will give you and global overview of the financial markets and more specifically the biotech market. The aim is to acquire a solid financial base in private funding.

    • • Market Access and Health Economics. This introductory module will give you a deep overview on the main analysis and value dossiers, between the private industry and the national healthcare systems and the strategic design for accessing new drugs.

    • • Project Management. The focus of this part of the module is learning about how a global perceptive in management and team leadership is necessary in global companies to achieve goals due portfolio management and new compounds.

  • add_circle_outline1st Semester Module II - Scientific & Regulatory Development

    10 ECTS credits

  • add_circle_outline1st Semester Module III - Global Pharmaceutical Industry

    10 ECTS credits

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module IV - Biotechnology Based Companies

    10 ECTS credits

    • • Lesson 1. Financial Markets

    • • Lesson 2. Financial Management

    • • Lesson 3. Financial Ratios and Analysis

    • • Lesson 4. Project Management

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module V - Capital Increase

    10 ECTS credits

    • • Lesson 1. Public and Private Funding

    • • Lesson 3. Early Market Access and Pricing

    • • Lesson 3. Financial models

    • • Lesson 4. Venture Valuations

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module VI - Agreements and Negotiations

    10 ECTS credits

    • • Lesson 1. Deal Structure and Milestones

    • • Lesson 2. Initial Public Offers IPO’s

    • • Lesson 3. M&A vs Late-Stage Licensing

    • • Lesson 4. Strategic alliances

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module VII - Return of investment Strategy (sROI)

    10 ECTS credits

    • • Lesson 1. Private and Public Companies

    • • Lesson 2. Scouting Strategy

    • • Lesson 3. Shareholders Agreement

    • • Lesson 4. Exist Strategy and ROI

  • add_circle_outlineModule VIII - Sc. MBA Thesis Project

    15 ECTS credits

    • • Company Valuation & Capital Increase Proposal

  • add_circle_outlineModule IX - Career Impact Program

    5 ECTS credits

Understand the financials of life sciences

The main areas of work and topics are related with corporate management, entrepreneurship and innovation, financial valuations in biotech markets, venture funding and private equity and international business development in the life sciences sector.





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