Global Drug Development in Innovation


Credits - 70 / European ECTS credits

Pre-selection process: Open

Inscriptions: from January 2019 to September 2019

Master Program – 14th October 2019 to 19th June 2020.

Full Time - Monday to Thursday from 18:00h. to 21:00h.

Language - English

Limited Places


The objective of the program is to understand the process during a drug discovery development from and early stage candidate until the approval by the regulatory agencies and it arrives to the regulatory agencies. The main skills and topics are related with project management, team leadership, global health economics and markets access, price reimbursement, departments in the industry and patients.


The students of our master programs will have the opportunity to work in teams of some of the most important global pharmaceutical companies as well as new biotechnology companies, developing innovative products inside the biomedical sector. Their demanded profiles allow the students to work in different roles and departments in biotech companies, consultancies, pharmaceutical companies, technology transfer offices from hospitals and research centers. 


I.Global Ecosystem in Pharma and Biotech
II. Scientific development and Regulatory affairs

III. Technology Transfer and licensing
IV. Project Management in drug Discovery
V. HEOR and Market Access
VI. Personal and Professional Development
VII. Final Assignment: Drug Discovery Plan


The Students that pass the master program  will receive a double titulation from the Univerisity of Barcelona and the Biotechnology Business Institute in Master in Business Administration in LifeScience with metntion in Global Project Management.


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