The first 2019 BioInternational Seminar is a success and gain interest between scientific profiles with vision in drug discovery

11 de mar. de 2019

For over more than two hours, the first edition of the BioInternational Seminars 2019, hosted by the Biotechnology Business Institute, was a success in terms of participation and interaction between the panelist and the audience. “This type of interaction helps young scientific profiles to understand the sector and have a vision in the horizons of drug discovery in lifesciences”, - ensures Juan R. Garcia, Chairman at the Biotechnology Business Institute.

In this first edition of the year, three international professionals with different backgrounds participated as panelists over the evening. Lubor Gaal, Vice-President of Business Development in Europe for Locust Walk, a global lifescience firm helping biopharma and medtech clients with financing and business development transactions; Jordi Naval, Chief Executive Officer  of Biocat, the Catalan BioRegion Foundation, and also Co-founder of Aelix Therapeutics; and François Riva, Director of Business development at MedSir, a company focused on the innovative design and management os strategic clinical trials for, among others, immuno-oncology, one of the most promising therapeutic area for new treatments in oncology nowadays.

Different topics were discussed regarding drug developments and interactions in the global sector and one of the main conclusions was, that the ecosystem in Barcelona is deeply growing and the development of young professionals with an international view and vision is crucial to support the future ecosystem. Different points of view from different backgrounds such the industry, financials, biotechnology companies, governments and innovation clusters, did conclude that the versatility of a scientific profile, with a global understanding of the sector is definitely an enormous add value for their professional development.

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Next Edition of the BIS 2019, 4th of April at the Scientific Park of Barcelona

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The first 2019 BioInternational Seminar is a success and gain interest between scientific profiles with vision in drug discovery

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