Facts and figures

During more than five years the biotechnology business Institute has been working in the best and leading education for scientific profiles in the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector, wanting to develop and expand their career into the global drug discovery field.

Through our business school we have been working with different therapeutics areas with the leading research institutions in Barcelona going from project in oncology in hard to treat diseases or Central Nervous system as Parkinson or Alzheimer’s’ since Primary care therapeutics areas which indication such us Diabetes or Nash.

The main positions that our students reach depending on the specialization that they do, go from early stage drug discovery to late stage such technology transfer offices or early biotech companies or biotechnology base companies well stablish and the pharmaceutical industry in positions as a project manager, product manager, business developer and other departments as regulatory, health economics or markets access.

Therapeutic areas

The first business school specialized in drug discovery management

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More than 100 alumni worldwide in our first 5 years

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The first Business School based in a Scientific Park

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Over 30 companies involved in our board of professors and internship plan

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Faculty and Staff

Over 80 professionals involved every academic year in our programs

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Pharma & Biotech

Active stakeholder in the private equity and finance sector

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Scientific Management
applied to Drug Discovery